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Christmas Safety Tips

12/2/2020 (Permalink)

Welcome December from SERVPRO Welcome December from SERVPRO

Winter holidays are a time for families and friends to get together. But that also means a greater risk for fire. Following a few simple tips will ensure a happy and fire-safe holiday season.

Holiday decorating:

  • Be careful with holiday decorations. Choose decorations that are flame resistant or flame retardant.
  • Keep lit candles away from decorations and other things that can burn.
  • Some lights are only for indoor or outdoor use, but not both.
  • Replace any string of lights with worn or broken cords or loose bulb connections. Read manufacturer’s instructions for number of light strands to connect.
  • Use clips, not nails, to hang lights so the cords do not get damaged.
  • Keep decorations away from windows and doors. Holiday Entertaining
  • Test your smoke alarms and tell guests about your home fire escape plan.
  • Keep children and pets away from lit candles.
  • Keep matches and lighters up high in a locked cabinet.
  • Stay in the kitchen when cooking on the stovetop.
  • Ask smokers to smoke outside. Remind smokers to keep their smoking materials with them so young children do not touch them.
  • Provide large, deep ashtrays for smokers. Wet cigarette butts with water before discarding.

Before heading out, or to bed:

Blow out lit candles when you leave the room or go to bed. Turn off all light strings and decorations before leaving home or going to bed.

Not So Fun Facts

  • More than one-third of home decoration fires are started by candles. • More than two of every five decoration fires happen because decorations are placed too close to a heat source.

And Remember, SERVPRO of LONGVIEW/KELSO is here if the unfortunate happens.

Facial Coverings

7/30/2020 (Permalink)

Masks, scarves or cloth facial coverings have always been an effective way to protect oneself from airborne pollutants such as allergens, pollens, bacteria and viruses. Every year spring time blossoms, it brings with it waves of pollens, with the hundreds of willow trees in our neighborhood, producing their fluffy catkin friends and the sniffles that follow. On a dusty day I wear a mask when I’m mowing my yard, as it really helps with my sinus allergies by blocking the dust and grass debris. Besides the two most popular types of masks, surgical and respirators N95 and N99, do it yourself (DIY) masks are really becoming a popular option for when surgical mask and respirators are not available.

The CDC now recommends wearing cloth face coverings in public settings where other social distancing measures are difficult to maintain, like grocery stores, various retailers, restaurants and especially pharmacies. And now that we’re coming into the month of August I can say with confidence that we will have to wear facial coverings for the remainder of the year and most likely until the vaccine for Covid is well established, and that might not be until late spring of 2021. So if you have to wear a mask/facial covering you might as well have fun with it or shall I say some fun on it.

 If you are a business owner, and you have a business logo, you should have cloth facial wear with your business logo on them, and have multiple ones. I know that hundreds of SERVPROs nationwide have had cloth masks made up with their logos, for their production, marketing and office staff to proudly display to others. And also just to give away. You could have some coverings logo’d with your favorite sports team. With your favorite uplifting quote. You could have a scripture from the Bible put on a few. With the Holidays coming sooner than later, you could have “the great pumpkin” - Charlie Brown or “Santa Clause is coming to town”. I am very positive that “Merry Christmas” on many masks will sure be a welcoming sight, and on the faces of young and old, when December first comes. You could even have a picture of your pet placed on one or even pay respect to a family member or friend who has passed.

Great conversations will be had by many if we all want to have some fun and stop stressing over the fact of having to wear one. The time will come when we will not have to wear a mask, but until then, let’s be kind, be creative and have some fun. 

The Summer Season

6/26/2020 (Permalink)

BBQ in grass with SERVPRO log BBQ with Plenty of Room

Summer is “fun in the sun”. Summer is friends and family gatherings and celebrations. Summer is fireworks, parades, car shows and barbecues. While having a wonderful time and creating some fond memories, we all need to be aware of a danger that can wipe away all the fun and joy summer barbecuing can bring. Along with all the festivities, sadly there are plenty of statics that cause concern and draws attention to some facts of neglect. According to the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) in 2014-2018, grills, hibachis or barbecues were involved in an average of 10,600 home fires per year, including an average of 4,900 structure fires and 5,700 outside or unclassified fires. These fires caused annual averages of 10 civilian deaths, 160 reported civilian injuries, and $149 million in direct property damage. July is the peak month for grill fires (18%), including both structure, outdoor or unclassified fires, followed by June (15%), May (13%) and August (12%). Five of every six grills involved in home fires were fueled by gas (84 percent), while 12 percent used charcoal or another solid fuel and sixty-one percent of all households own a gas grill. Another fact that can steal the joys of summer is visits to emergency room. Also according to NFPA, an average of 19700 individuals visits the ER per year from injuries involving grills, including 9500 for thermal burns.

There is nothing like outdoor grilling. It is one of the most popular ways to cook today. So how can we have a fun, safe and memory making summer while grilling up some tasty foods? Follow these simple tips, provided by NFPA, and you will be on the way to safe grilling and tasty eats. First off, if you have not used your grill for awhile, check the tank hose for cracks. You can also apply a light soap/water solution to the hose. If you see bubbles, there is a leak and do not use. BBQ grills should only be used outdoors and the grill should be placed well away from the home, deck railings and out from under eaves and overhanging branches. Keep your grill clean by removing grease or fat buildup from the grills and in trays below the grill. Keep children and pets at least three feet away from the grill area and never leave your grill unattended. Always make sure your gas grill lid is open before lighting it and when you are finished, please allow a cool down of your grill before place the cover on it or move it back to its place.

For Charcoal grills, there are several ways to get the charcoal ready to use. Charcoal chimney starters allow you to start the charcoal using newspaper as a fuel and if you use a starter fluid, use only charcoal starter fluid. Never add charcoal fluid or any other flammable liquids to the fire. Keep charcoal fluid out of the reach of children and away from heat sources. There are also electric charcoal starters, which do not use fire. Be sure to use an extension cord for outdoor use. When you are finished grilling, let the coals completely cool before disposing in a metal container.

 We here at SERVPRO hope this information is helpful. Be smart, be cautious and be proactive this and every season. Enjoy your family your friends. Make wonderful memories and have a blast doing so. Happy Summer 2020.

When was the last time you had your crawl space and attic inspected?

10/31/2019 (Permalink)

Moister barrier in crawl space Crawl space with a new moister barrier.

We are heading into the harsh winter months in the Pacific Northwest and with that you know, we can all expect heavy rains and freezing temperatures.

Having a clean, safe and healthy home is a top priority for every homeowner. The crawl space and attic are critical aspects to maintaining your property. Although these areas are often over looked because of there "lack of visibility". It is important to have them regularly cleaned and inspected.

So how often should these areas be inspected?

It is recommended that you have it professionally inspected at least 1 a year and that homeowners do there own every 6 months for preventative care.

When we think of "spring cleaning" the attic and crawl space are areas that often get neglected or forgotten. Since these spaces can be difficult to access and are not exactly favorable. It can be very beneficial to add them to your to-do list! Spring months can cause extra moister and dampness in your attic and it is an important time to make sure your insulation is not affected.

What to look for when conducting a inspection:

  • Cracks and leaks in the pipes.
  • Musty odors, unpleasant smells and mold.
  • Presence of rodents/pests.
  • Flooding and/or water damage.
  • Rusting of medal beams and water pipes.
  • Displaced or damaged insulation.

The harshness of winter can also reek major havoc on these areas. It's the time of year that attracts insects, wildlife and rodents to seek shelter. So repairing any holes in your attic and crawl space and having them completely sealed off will prevent infestations.

Anytime after unfavorable weather conditions it can be highly recommended too. Heavy rains and high winds after a storm can result in flooding and misplaced or damaged roof shingles.

SERVPRO of Longview/Kelso are professionally trained and ready to help! We offer a variety of cleaning and restoration services to help with maintaining your attic and crawl space.

Regularly inspecting and maintaining your attic and crawl space can be incredibly beneficial. It can improve the air quality of your home because about 40% of your homes air comes from the crawl space. It also can extend the life of your homes structure and save you money on your energy bill!

If you have recently discovered any water or mold damage inside your crawl space/attic. Do not hesitate to call, your locally owned SERVPRO of Longview/kelso at (360)703-3884.

Our trained and certified mold remediation technicians can locate the source of moisture and get it dried out in no time. Our technicians will remove any wet insulation, treat the mold and mildew with a anti-microbial solution and many other necessary measures to make sure your home is a comfortable and healthier environment for your family!

 SERVPRO " Like it never even happened"

Tis The Season for Safety

10/28/2019 (Permalink)

Holiday dinner A perfectly cooked Turkey, without a singe!

The Holiday season is a joyous time spent with friends and family. It's the time of year that we celebrate with traditions and home cooked meals. During this season we often get so busy with planning and hosting that we may forget to practice safety. Although accidents can occur your local SERVPRO of Longview/Kelso would like to share a few tips to help you prepare for a safe and disaster free Holiday season.

The colder months are nearing upon us and as families, more time is spent indoors. It's important to update emergency escape plans and share with all members of the household. 

With the colder weather and holiday season, the kitchen is going to be where we spend most of our time! 

Whether we are preparing a big holiday meal or snacks for the children, It is important to practice safety while cooking or baking. The leading cause of house fires are from unattended food and significantly increase during the Holidays.

Holiday Meal Prep. safety tips:

  • The most important is to never leave food unattended while cooking.
  • Have children and pets stay free of the area. 
  • Keep flammable items away from the Oven/Stovetop such as Cooking Utensils, Plastics, and Hand towels ext.
  • Avoid loose clothing or long-sleeves.
  • As always keep the Stovetop clean from any grease or spills.

It can be very easy to get distracted with guests over. So remember to always have a Fire extinguisher handy (Check the date), Set a timer when cooking, and always make sure smoke detectors are working!

Of course there are several other Safety tips other than burnt turkeys and kitchen fires. We should all use to protect ourselves and families. 

I've included a link to the American Red cross, that has a lot of great tips to help keep us safe.

At SERVPRO of Longview/Kelso we know that not always can hazards be completely avoided and accidents do happen. The holidays can be a very difficult time to experience any kind of disaster but if it strikes, we are here to help! SERVPRO of Longview/Kelso wishing you all a happy and safe holidays!